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What is Giant Leaps?

Self-awareness, Global Awareness & 21st Century Skills

One-on-one coaching with a personalized curriculum that develops self-awareness, confidence, and critical thinking skills to prepare teens for a fulfilling, purpose-driven future.

The Giant Leaps online enrichment program helps creative and curious high school students to succeed in college, careers and the world beyond. Our individualized curriculum builds confidence and encourages self-discovery. Our students emerge with a mastery of the 21st-century skills they’ll need to thrive.

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Inspire & Engage

Our world needs leaders who are present-minded, forward-thinking, capable and compassionate.

Passion, Purpose & Self-Awareness
A strong identity and purpose support leadership skills.

Awareness of Global Issues

Leaders must understand the big picture and the issues of our socieity.

Exceptional Executive Function

Learn how to learn, discern and execute.

Connection, Collaboration & Mentorship

Alone we go fast but together we go far.

Parents are Saying... 💬

I saw something switch on in my daughter throughout this program. She was discussing and sharing interesting perspectives, wanted to do her assignments, and started thinking about her future in ways I haven't seen before. Two thumbs up!

- Kristi B.

To see my daughter dive into deep topics, critically analyze problems, consider solutions, articulate them and her thought process made me see a side to her maturity I hadn't seen before.

- Lee M.

Giant Leaps was a great experience for my son AND our entire family. The program presented thought provoking discussions within our family and challenged my son to think wider and deeper about the future than he ever has before.

- Jessica C.

Big picture thinking is such an important piece of learning and maturing. Giant leaps provided my daughter with support, encouragement, tools and a safe environment to explore concepts, seek out reliable information and present ideas about their findings. It was a gift!

- Karen M.

My daughter lit up with this program! It was as obvious as energy meeting a lightbulb. As a mother I felt joy watching her intellectual needs be met.

- Samantha M.

This is the Right Moment

Today’s education system is rooted in 19th Century thinking, focusing on top-down instruction and memorization of subject matter that’s not relevant for a 21st Century way of life.

Meaningful Innovation in Education is Long Overdue

Skills for Life

Technology has given students more information than they can handle. Our curriculum teaches the critical thinking and executive function they need to discern what is relevant, and what matters. Along the way, kids are introduced to global issues and develop a sense of purpose and passion.

For the Forward-Thinking

Giant Leaps is for creative & curious high school students who want a relevant, personalized experience to supercharge their thinking and expand the possibilities of their future. Some of the benefits include:

Some of the benefits include:

  • Deep understanding of global issues
  • That “X factor” for college admissions
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Authentic leadership skills
  • Improved executive function
  • Abiding sense of purpose and connection
  • Ability to communicate with peers from around the world
  • Self-awareness
  • Sharpened interests
  • Fluent communication and clarity of thought
  • Strategic and tactical thinking

Students are Saying... 💬

It gave me new insight on how we're at the brink of a new age. In school, with no reference to what the future is going to be... how are we going to be prepared for it? I learned more about my position in the world and who I want to surround myself with. I feel more ready for the future now.

- Leilani M.

I'm going to grow up and I'm going to change the world and I'm going to lead. I'm going to take initiative. That's what this program's about. It's about learning how to do that and what steps you need to take, because change is going to come. It's inevitable, it's going to happen. And we need leaders to step forward and be ready.

- Koryn S.

I liked getting myself outside the box, honestly, because I feel like I'm very like in my head a lot. What we did where we had to brainstorm solutions was super fun. I really enjoyed going back to my dad every five minutes and asking him what he thought. I just like the creativity that it brought out and my new outlook, like I feel like I kind of have a new outlook on the world.

- Sasha M.

It was kind of enlightening to see how much school isn't like this. So it's like here you can express all of your opinions and explore what's happening and all that. And then school is just like, OK, here's the information now memorize it, please. They're not teaching us how to think about all these changes that are happening in the world.

- Koryn S.

Giant Leaps challenged a part of my brain I don't usually use. It was so fun and so different from school.

- Campbell C.

There was a valuable lesson for me that got reignited in Giant Leaps, where it's OK to have different opinions from others. And if you discuss them with other people you gain new input and different sides to a story that you didn't think about before. It's just nice to be able to share your ideas instead of just "ok I’ll go along with that".

- Koryn S

I'm pretty terrified of giving presentations and talking in front of people. But I learned so much about the subject that I was confident talking about it. Then discussing it in so many different ways helped me sort of understand my own opinions better. So I felt like if you know what you're talking about and you feel comfortable expressing your opinion on a topic, then it's not so scary. You're going to do fine. So that was a big help. Like major.

- Brooke M.

Our Founders

Michael Trezza

CEO & Founder

Twenty-plus years as a technology entrepreneur has given me insight into the future and it's clear that we're not preparing our children for that future with today's traditional education.

Megan Trezza, M.Ed.


The time is now for meaningful change in education. We need a Giant Leap to bridge the gap between what our system looks like today and what it needs to be to truly serve our children.

Our Advisory Board

Michelle Rose Gilman

Founder, Fusion Academy

Sandy Husk


Zank Bennett

CEO, Bennett Data Science

Dan Hughes

Founder, Executive, Coach & Advisor

Mae Steigler

CEO, Organifi LLC

Lee Marc


Tim Snodgrass, JD. LLM.

Founding Partner, Axxcess Capital Partners, LLC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Giant Leaps for?

The program is currently designed for creative and curious 13-18 year old students.

What is the time commitment?

Program activities take between 2-3 hours per week in total and requires one 45-minute time slot for a weekly 1-on-1 coaching session.

How does it work?

That’s a big question that we’d like to discuss with you directly, but we will say that the Giant Leaps program starts with an assessment, the curriculum is then personalized to your child’s’ unique interests and a coach helps guide them to success. There is so much more to the program so please contact us here to learn more.

How much does it cost?

We would be glad to discuss the pricing with you on a quick introductory call. Please contact us here to learn more.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We believe everyone should have access to the best education possible. We currently do have programs for families that need financial assistance. Please contact us here to learn more.

Who are our Success Coaches?

Our coaches are selected through a rigorous application process that factors in educational qualifications and experience, a demonstrated ability to engage teen students and a clear personal commitment to Giant Leaps core values. We hire coaches with diverse backgrounds, from experienced educators to entrepreneurs to athletes. All of our coaches share a passion for learning, a commitment to personal growth and a drive to help young people reach their fullest potential.

Is Giant Leaps a replacement for regular school?

Giant Leaps is an online enrichment program that encourages open-ended thinking and develops creative problem solving, but is not a replacement for a full academic program. Unlike traditional school, our program provides a stress free and engaging environment for self-discovery, an outlet to discuss current and future social issues while learning how to think instead of what to think, and while building 21st century skills.

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