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Parents are saying…

My daughter lit up with this program! It was as obvious as energy meeting a lightbulb. As a mother I felt joy watching her intellectual needs be met.” – Samantha M.
To see my daughter dive into deep topics, critically analyze problems, consider solutions, articulate them and her thought process made me see a side to her maturity I hadn’t seen before.” – Lee M.
I saw something switch on in my daughter throughout this program. She was discussing and sharing interesting perspectives, wanted to do her assignments, and started thinking about her future in ways I haven’t seen before. Two thumbs up!” – Kristi B.
Giant Leaps was a great experience for my son AND our entire family. The program presented thought provoking discussions within our family and challenged my son to think wider and deeper about the future than he ever has before.” – Jessica C.
Big picture thinking is such an important piece of learning and maturing. Giant leaps provided my daughter with support, encouragement, tools and a safe environment to explore concepts, seek out reliable information and present ideas about their findings. It was a gift!” – Karen M.

If you’d prefer to email us with questions, please contact us at

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Phone: (858) 290-6816

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