Introducing Giant Leaps

Imagine knowing that your teen is future proof. Prepared for college, for any career and on the path to success. This is Giant Leaps.

What is Giant Leaps?

Giant Leaps is an afterschool enrichment program for teens that provides 1:1 coaching with a personalized curriculum that develops self-awareness, confidence, and critical thinking skills to prepare them for a fulfilling, purpose-driven future.

Why Giant Leaps?

Let’s face it. We’re not preparing our kids to be the leaders in the world they’re going to live and work in, in 10-20 years. The world needs creative problem solvers not better test takers.

How does Giant Leaps work?

How does Giant Leaps work? What sort of activities do the students work on in the program?

What are the benefits of Giant Leaps?

What can you expect to see after a student goes through Giant Leaps?

This is Giant Leaps / Testimonials

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