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Just over 4 years ago, when my daughter was born, I started to think about the sort of world I was bringing her into. I quickly realized that I couldn’t even begin to imagine the things she was going to see in her lifetime. I also realized that the way we educate our kids today was completely detached from them reaching their fullest potential and mostly devoid of the skills that they’ll need in this incredible future…

We spent the last few years researching, designing, building, testing and rebuilding a solution. Today, we’re sharing that solution with the world!

The mission of Giant Leaps Learning is to inspire and engage young adults to become curious, capable, passionate, purposeful, and globally aware leaders, providing avenues to success in all aspects of their lives.

We help creative and curious high school students reach their fullest potential by teaching self-awareness, global-awareness, and critical 21st century skills through an individualized and adaptive online supplemental education program.

We need a Giant Leap to get from where we are to where we need to go. Are you ready to take that leap with us?

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Michael Trezza
CEO / Founder