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Education’s goal has always been to help individuals and students navigate and contribute to life and, as they grow, to become influential members of society who think towards the future. As John Dewey said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” 

But along the way, the actions of education have been corrupted, bogged down by traditionalism, and burdened by test scores. It has become clear that education has lost its way and is no longer informing us about life. 

The World is Changing, But Education Is Not

While standardized exams may sufficiently assess a student’s ability to memorize and store data, they are a poor measure of success for highlighting other qualities, like collaboration, character, teamwork, and leadership – crucial skills when striving for real-world success. Although the traditional approach is giving students some knowledge, it isn’t nearly applicable enough to the speed of the changing world, inherently leaving a critical gap in their learning.

What Is Today’s Approach to Education Costing Students?

Today’s students are leaving high school unprepared for the future. Curriculum goals only have students focus on getting high test scores and earning enough credits to graduate. Not only do the goals of the education system lack substance, but they also conflict with each other. For example, students are encouraged to pursue extracurricular activities that interest them but then funding is cut for after-school programs and elective courses. Instead, the money is used for score-driven activities in classes, such as AP and test prep. 

These shifting priorities stunt student personal growth, which leaves them unsure how to navigate life after high school. In fact, in 2016, 47% of high school graduates did not complete a college or career-ready course but still received a diploma that says they’re ready for life.

Research also shows that approximately less than half of students surveyed feel college or career-ready after receiving their diploma, while an astounding 87% want to learn where they should focus their energies. From studies like this, we can conclude that education is no longer meeting the needs of the students it’s meant to serve. 

Higher Education Recognizes the Faults of the High School System

It’s not just researchers and educational professionals recognizing the flaws in our current secondary education system. Many colleges, for instance, are no longer accepting AP credits. They also require first-year students to take life skills courses because their abilities in social awareness, budgeting, time management, and conflict resolution are lacking. 

Students who take these life skill courses are more likely to have better academic success and an easier time choosing a career–achievements that offer more value the earlier they are learned. If high school is not teaching these skill sets to students, to whom can they turn to prepare them for higher-level learning? 

Giants Leaps is Here to Help

At Giant Leaps Learning, we aim to redefine and breathe life into education. We offer enrichment courses to guide and inspire our students. We’ll teach them the skills to be ready for college and beyond. Help your child take the leap, and contact us today to learn more about our program.