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The landscape of careers is changing as technology advances. Careers that were expected to be around for a long time to come are slowly becoming irrelevant. Jobs like librarians, legal assistants, interpreters, and accountants are becoming replaceable with advancements in AI, innovative programming, and advanced learning systems. The truth is that automation is not slowing down. The future of careers will be algorithmic and computational – driven by data. If a task can be automated, it most likely will be in the future.

Careers That Have Disappeared

There are a lot of careers that have disappeared over time. Each year, a new invention changes how a job is done. These disruptive technologies come with some downfalls, usually making a job obsolete. For example,  a copy person or switchboard operator were considered great careers but have disappeared With the invention of the caller ID and email. 

Other career choices, like word processor/typist and door-to-door salesman, are becoming rare because of online shopping and machine learning. Many careers have disappeared over the decades, and these small incremental changes are creeping into higher-end jobs. 

Forward Thinking and Creative Innovation for Future Careers

Although some of these careers are disappearing because of technology, the advancements mean the next generation will interact and work differently as the world develops. So how do we prepare the next generation for the changes in careers, especially if we have no idea what jobs will exist?

At Giant Leaps, we help to identify and develop your child’s strengths so they can better adapt to any change that comes their way. We understand that we can’t prepare for everything, but we can position ourselves for success. Our founder, Michael Trezza, says, “skate to where the puck is headed.” His and Giant Leaps’ goal is to help students understand where the puck might be headed and how to be in the best position when it gets there. Even though careers will shift with the ever-changing environment, our students will be prepared for change because they see opportunities inside challenges.

Careers That Have Appeared

Because of the growth in technology, new careers and fields of study have emerged that were considered science fiction twenty years ago. There are AI Engineers, Heads of Culture, FinTech Analysts, Social Media Managers, User Experience Designers, and Automation Engineers. These careers are dedicated to improving productivity through technology and human interaction. The leaders in these fields positioned themselves by creatively examining and solving a problem no one realized was there yet. As time passes, more new careers are created, and companies are already looking for how to hire for the new job market because of the emerging technologies.

Giant Leaps: Enrichment Learning for Our Future Leaders

At Giant Leaps, we introduce students to topics, technologies, and ideas that are changing how we live our lives. Our aim is to develop the mind and interests of our students for their futures by giving them the critical thinking skills they’ll need. So, even though some careers will disappear, your child will know their unique strengths and how to utilize them in the changing world to thrive.

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