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The path to future success used to be simple and straightforward: graduate from high school, go to college, and get an entry-level job. Eventually, spots on the corporate ladder open up, and promotions are earned. For decades, this formula has been considered the path to future success. However, with significant advancements in technology and the rapid pace of global change, the preexisting formula is outdated, and a new method is needed in order to prepare students for their futures. We don’t only need future-proof students: we need to know how to future-proof our students.

They Need a Portfolio of Soft Skill

Because we are preparing students for an ever-changing world, they will need to be fluent in soft skills, which go beyond structured job training and get to the core of our humanity. Skills like communication, adaptability, and flexibility are transferable and beneficial to any type of employment, including jobs that don’t yet exist. Soft skills future-proof our students because they create a portfolio of work that can be taken anywhere and that any employer will be thrilled to look at. 

They Need to Engage in Creative Thought

There is a misunderstanding about creativity, and that is that it’s only reserved for music or the arts… or that creative people are much too “out there” to be taken seriously in professional circles. These assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies need solutions to problems and entrepreneurs need original ideas for products. The answer to both of these scenarios lies in the power and importance of creative thinking. Creative thought is an essential skill for a future-proof student to develop because challenges, both everyday and in the workplace, can now be viewed as opportunities to bring about positive change. 

They Need to Develop These Traits Sooner Rather Than Later

The best time to learn and retain a new language is by the age of ten. A study conducted by Janacsek, Fiser, and Nemeth reveals that the optimal age for learning is under the age of twelve. These studies and more reveal that our brains are wired to learn and retain information at a younger age. If we can capitalize on our students’ youth, we can empower and equip a generation of young people to take the world by storm. 

We Can Help Future-Proof Your Student

All aspects of the Giant Leaps Learning experience help to future-proof your child. Each individualized curriculum module offers in-depth opportunities for creating out-of-the-box ideas, collaborative discussion, and original thought. Each of our Student Success Coaches are committed to future-proofing our students by helping them dig deeper to come up with unique solutions to proposed problems. There are even weekly optional challenges that promote self-reflection, self-discovery, and originality. If you want to learn more or are ready to take the leap, schedule a one-on-one call with us today.