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As an enrichment program, it is our duty at Giant Leaps to give our students the tools and strategies they need to be the leaders of tomorrow. That is why we are developing a guide to all things higher learning. It will have all of the steps needed to discover and succeed in getting into the university of your child’s choice. 

📅 Timeline To Complete College Application

Use our comprehensive timeline to stay on track with all the different parts of the college application. Make sure to print out our checklist in order to record progress and see how well the process is going!

🏫 Research Tools to Discover the Best College

Students apply to several different colleges when completing the application process. Use our recommended research tools to narrow down decisions and keep track of their deadlines and requirements.

🧑‍🏫 How to Find the Perfect College Counselor

In our guide, you’ll find questions to ask, what to look for, and lists of recommended college counselors. Use the information we’ve compiled about college counselors to take your child’s application to the next level.

🎓 How to Write the Best College Essay

The college application essay is the best opportunity to personally connect with the admissions officer. Follow our written guide in order to stand out and pop off the page. 

 📚 Find the “Passion” in Passion Project

Passion projects lead down a deeper path to self-discovery. Our guided walk-through to choosing one will help any student distinguish their unique leadership skills to admissions counselors. 

Giant Leaps Learning: An Enrichment Program

Looking for another resource? Consider us at Giant Leaps Learning. We offer a learning experience for your child like no other – connecting them with subjects that spark leadership and innovation. You can learn more here about how the skills we teach future-proof our students.

At Giant Leaps, we strive to give every child the opportunity to succeed which is why we will be giving you our college e-book once it is finished!