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Bored StudentsYou see it when they come home and while they do their school work. Your child’s lethargy fogs the air with more questions and comments such as, “Why am I doing this? This is boring. . . But does it really matter?”  As a parent, you tell them it’s essential. You tell them education is the key to success. But they just don’t seem to hear you anymore. School just doesn’t excite them. Why not?

Today’s Students Are Not Engaged with Learning

Students’ learning has shifted from being hands-on and creative while in elementary school to regimented and monotonous study in their later years. They sit in a similar chair, attempting to digest new and more difficult information as time passes. And, as tests get more challenging, students disengage more and more frequently. They become bored and stressed because of the traditional learning process.

Additionally, because the learning process has become systemized and repetitive, our children have become mentally exhausted. Attend lectures, take notes, do homework, study notes, take tests, repeat. This uninspired approach fails to engage students and they start to internalize the resulting fatigue as a personal failure. Ultimately, this leads them to believe that they are either not smart or simply bad at learning altogether.  

Curriculum Fatigue Holds Back Student Potential

Students who are disengaged and have developed a negative learning bias often say things such as  “I’m not good at math,” “I’m not good at learning this,” or “I’ve never understood science and never will.”  Even topics and subjects they once enjoyed begin to discourage them and become sore spots when discussing grades. 

Then, next year they’ll take similar classes with more challenging but equally as monotonous curriculum, further reinforcing their belief that they’re lousy at learning. This self-talk becomes a never-ending loop of doubt that spills over into other areas of their lives. Students internalize the belief that they are not good learners and stop learning how to do anything. 

Help Your Child Re-Engage with Learning Through Giant Leaps

At Giant Leaps Learning, we understand you’re frustrated as a parent. You talk with their teachers or sit down with your child and try to make them do their work, but their attitude doesn’t change. 

Our Success Coaches will take the steps to understand your student and their journey with learning. We offer enrichment courses that are tailored to your child’s interests.