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As children become older, they start to communicate differently. They begin avoiding conversations and stop informing you about school, friends, and interests. It feels like you keep having the same discussion with them because their answers don’t change.  You try to ask, but all your search for meaningful discussions are answered with “good,” “yes,” “no,” or the famed “I don’t know” before they walk away. 

At Giant Leaps, we want you and your child to stay connected while getting excited about the various topics that we discuss with them. That’s why we encourage our students to spark conversation with you! After all, what is a child without a parent to guide them?

Why We Want Your Child to Talk to You

Being a family-oriented enrichment program, we understand that learning is a journey for your child – one we want you to be a part of. As well as keeping you updated throughout the process with constant feedback and remaining on-call for your and your student’s needs, we want you to join in the learning process. Our tailored coaching and lesson plans create a sense of wonder that your child will want to discuss and share with others. That’s where you come in.

We want your kids to be curious, and you to be curious with them. Just like us, you’ll have to trust and validate your child’s thinking about the future and where they might be in it. In fact, parents who validate their child by actively listening to them work through a problem and offering support end up with more confident and honest teenagers. Again, we aren’t looking for an answer but a Socratic dialogue that opens the door to other essential conversations.

Open Discussion With Your Child Encourages Them to Open Up to You

Having regular discussions with your child about the future gives them a different sense of trust. Children know they need their parents but don’t exactly know what they need from them. Having conversations in the car, at the dinner table, or hanging out in the backyard will help your child understand what type of communicator they are. 

Problem-solving with your child, and not at them, while praising their ability to examine something at a deeper level helps inspire them to continue the conversation. But, most importantly, they’ll involve you in their lives and ask for your opinion more frequently. Because ultimately, being a good listener is what matters most to children. 

Remember – kids learn from our behavior, so how we communicate with them is how they’ll learn to communicate with others. Even if it is difficult, keep reaching out to your child, and don’t forget that there are resources to help.

Help Spark a Meaningful Discussion With Giant Leaps

Giant Leaps Learning is an enrichment program like no other. Our goal is to keep you on track with your student so the conversation never stops. Our coaches introduce your child to the ideas of the future to make them the leaders of tomorrow, and they can’t do that without  parents having meaningful discussions with their children.  

If you want to learn more about our program, contact us today for a consultation.