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When it comes to education, we often think of things like math, reading, and writing as the most important. However, there’s one quality that’s just as important as any of those hard skills, and that’s curiosity. Curious people can look at the world around them and see the possibilities. Curiosity is one of the pillars of learning. When we are curious, we are motivated to learn more, explore different perspectives, and try new things. 

Unfortunately, curiosity is often discouraged in formal education settings as students are made to follow a stagnant curriculum. At Giant Leaps, we aim to bring curiosity back into the classroom and back into each student’s life. 

The Benefits Of Curiosity

There are numerous advantages to having a curious mind. For one, curious people are better able to retain information because they’re more engaged with the material they’re learning. They want to understand it, not just for the sake of understanding it because they’re genuinely interested in it. If curious people pursue the answers they are seeing, they’re more likely to come up with creative solutions to problems. That’s because they tend to ask questions and explore different perspectives normally considered outside-the-box thinking.

When students have the opportunity to be curious and explore their interests, they perform better academically, and emotionally. Highly engaged students are more likely to not only excel in their studies but also gain a greater appreciation for learning. When students are interested and invested in what they’re learning, they perform better. Allowing students the freedom to be curious and to follow their interests can lead to improved academic outcomes.

Foster Curiosity In Students

Being curious not only allows us to learn more about the world around us but also develops essential problem-solving skills. When we are faced with a problem, we evaluate different options and search for the best solution. Curious people are flexible thinkers who can adapt their thinking when presented with new information. This ability to “think outside the box” is an essential skill for 21st-century learners, and what we encourage at Giant Leaps Learning.

Our success coaches challenge students to take their thinking a step further, offering their own examples of innovation. We discuss the general fear surrounding the future but don’t shy away. Instead, we curiously work to solve the problem, offering a challenge that our students become grow to solve. 

Celebrate Curiosity at Giant Leaps Learning

When we allow our curiosity free reign, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. When we encourage students to ask questions and explore different perspectives, we set them on a path toward creative thinking and innovation. At Giant Leaps, we believe curiosity is an essential component of learning. We introduce students to topics, technologies, and ideas that are changing how we live our lives and we’re curious about what your child has to say about it all.

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