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Learning in natureLearning is often seen as a chore or obligation. We are so used to the traditional school setting that we forget learning should be an enjoyable experience full of exploration, growth, and development. At Giant Leaps, we engage students with futuristic topics showing where the world is headed and how they want to situate themselves. We strive to make learning an enjoyable experience as our success coaches guide students through the latest technologies that will improve everyday life.

Learning About The Future For Everyday Life

The modules for our Giant Leaps students focus on futuristic topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics, coding, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more. All of these technologies are incredibly important for the future of our world—and our students’ futures—so we strive to make them exciting and accessible for everyone who participates in our program. By covering these subjects through hands-on activities and real-world examples, we give our students a vision of the future and where they see themselves.  

Building The Skills of Tomorrow

Our success coaches provide mentorship for each student to help them develop their problem-solving, teamwork, communication, leadership, creativity, and critical thinking skills. By creating activities such as inner work journal challenges, family discourse discussions, and virtual reality projects with their peers and mentors at Giant Leaps, students can hone their skills while having fun at the same time.   

Technology and Its Importance For Everyday Life

One thing that helps us make learning fun is the use of technology throughout our program. Technology has advanced significantly over the past few years and can help us learn faster than ever! To take advantage of this, we integrate various forms of tech into our everyday lessons so students can see firsthand how powerful technology can be when used correctly. This allows us to keep up with modern trends while teaching essential skills that will help our students excel in their studies outside of Giant Leap classes too!  

Learn for Tomorrow at Giant Leaps

Giant Leaps is an innovative enrichment program that aims to bring curiosity and fun back to learning. By making learning fun again, we can break down the barriers between academic education in school and real-world applications. Take the leap so our kids will be better prepared for success after graduation and in everyday life. 

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