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stressed studentWith the rise of social media and an ever-increasing competition among high schoolers to get into a good college, it can be easy for students to feel the pressure to achieve the highest grades. However, research shows that grades are not the best indicator of future success, even though they are often seen as the only measure. In fact, it is becoming apparent that mental health and behavior play a more important role in determining long-term student success than grades.

Even high-achieving students who reported high levels of stress and anxiety were just as likely to face problems in college as their lower-performing peers. It’s clear that grades don’t necessarily reflect a student’s true potential or how successful they will be in college or the workforce. Instead, it reflects that learning is an anxious-ridden task not meant to be enjoyed.

How We Make The Difference At Giant Leaps Learning

At Giant Leaps Learning, we believe that grades mean little if your child is anxious and stressed. That’s why we created a mentorship program meant to promote balance and focus in academia by using future technologies and technologically advanced studies as an avenue to their success. Our program focuses on emphasizing personal growth while helping students explore a variety of interests outside the classroom environment such as coding, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, digital marketing, internet of things (IoT), gaming, mobile app development and more. 

Mentoring With New Ideas

We believe that encouraging young people to build technical abilities early on through mentoring will teach them the problem-solving skills needed for higher education and beyond. We mentor our students to be innovators and disruptors in the technology fields their most interested in. That’s why our program also emphasizes meaningful conversations between mentors and mentees so they can engage in ongoing discussions about career paths, personal goals,  and important skills while building relationships both inside and outside the classroom setting. 

Innovation For The Young Mind At Giant Leaps Learning

Our mission at Giant Leaps Learning is to empower young minds by shifting the focus away from traditional learning methods towards an experiential approach. One where students learn through experimentation, studying cutting-edge technologies to create value for themselves—and society—in ways never before possible. By introducing our students to entrepreneurial mindsets at a young age, we can cultivate tomorrow’s creators today. 

Take the leap and contact us today to learn more.